The Motorcycle Commandments

No ride is "out of the way". The purpose of a motorcycle is to ride. It doesn't matter where, just as long as the wheels are rolling.
In any situation, the car has the right of way. Every vehicle on the road is out to get you. You're a fighter pilot on two wheels and you better start thinking like one. No matter who has the red light, stop sign, or right of way, it's your responsibility as a motorcycle rider to see the enemy, anticipate his every move, and keep yourself out of his grill. If you have an accident, it's always through your lack of skill, caution, and awareness. It's always your fault.
A true motorcycle rider rides on the street and the dirt. He may not be the best at putting a knee to the pavement at 130 mph or whipping a 90 foot triple, but he finds pleasure at both ends of the spectrum.
A motorcycle rider should not have a motorcycle he cannot lift. If he cannot pick up his bike unassisted, he should be on a smaller bike.
A motorcycle has two wheels, not three, not four. Motorcycle riders do not ride trikes, that's one wheel away from a Scooter Chair.
A motorcycle was not made to pull trailers, sidecars, or other appendages that inhibit the freedom of two wheels.
A motorcycle rider is never lonely. His motorcycle, a good book, and the endless road are all the friends he needs. Besides, women will always be interested in a motorcycle rider.
A helmet sets a serious motorcycle rider apart from the squids, bozos, posers, and goofs who fly down the highway bareheaded, styling with a do-rag and a prayer.
When people tell a motorcycle rider that motorcycles are dangerous, he shall grin and say, "Hell, yeah it is." He wouldn't have it any other way. If riding was safe, the road would be full of grannies on Harleys.
When the sun shines, you ride. When it rains, you ride. A motorcycle rider isn't the kind of guy who is afraid to get wet.
Crashing is something the other guy does. Your goal is to never crash. That goes double when carrying a passenger. However, the laws of physics can overwhelm even the best motorcyle rider; if he does crash, the first thing he asks is, "Is my bike alright?".
A motorcycle rider is not a "biker". He may ride a bike, but he is a "motorcycle rider". A "biker" is someone lacking in hygiene and self-awareness.
Girls ride motorcycles, too. None of these rules necessarily apply to them.






June 8, 2003