1985 Madura 1200 - Repair and restoration log

     Around 1990, I had been bikeless for 5 years. The urge to ride hit me and I bought a used 1985 Madura 1200. This thing was awesome in every way (though style is subjective). The V-4 engine was magnificent, best motor ever. Eventually, I sold the bike. But after 20 years, I found another one in great condition.



Nov 18, 2011  --   Hot mamma.

Checking the temp gauge. It seems like it loves to flirt with the red zone a lot. The bike runs with the gauge about 2/5ths but a stop or two at the light and it heads over to the hot side.
I rigged a Trail Tech gauge in the discharge side to verify the gauges accuracy.

Temp sensor installed.

Engine running and getting warmed up.

After a couple miles

Idling in the garage


Fan came on about now. Service
manual says it should come on at
105C, so this is about right.

After approx.40 secs, the fan switched off. The manual says it should switch off at 98C, so this appears to be a little early.

Eventually the motor reaches 108C, after about 4 minutes of idling.


June 2018 Madura Crisis: Coolant in the engine oil

First there was this very faint, odd ticking sound, nor-rythmic, coming from...somewhere in the engine. Then it got louder, and impossible to ignore. Then the coolant level dropped and the engine oil turned brown.
Saxon mechanic Matt Boyd said: waterpump. Here it's clear the bearing was kaput. And the impeller got chewed up pretty bad, too.

Lot of slack in the waterpump chain to start with.

Not good! A sight no one wants to see.

Got to wonder, where all that metal went?
Bottom of the radiator?

The bearing is totally shot.




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